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About Us

  • Espíritu de los Andes S.A. is an Argentine Company committed to the exploration of ecological alluvial gold in the country.
  • The main objective of the Company is to carry out all the gold exploration and exploitation stages by developing the projects responsibly and while preserving the environment.
  • Espíritu de los Andes is currently working together with JEMSE, the statal mining company of the Province of Jujuy, in the persuit of development and growth, not only for the Company but also for the economy and welfare of the local Aboriginal Communities and of the Project’s areas of influence.
  • ALLUVIAL GOLD PROJECT AJEDREZ holds major interest for the Company since it is one of the most important alluvial gold projects in Argentina due to the quality of the ore and the estimate amount of its reserves.
  • Due to the characteristics of this deposit, it is possible to implement the concentration and extraction of gold by conventional mechanical means, at a very low cost.
  • The use of aggressive and environmentally harmful chemicals is not an option.